Oct 11 2010

Hello world!

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Well I’ll leave the title as is and will begin by introducing myself.

My name is Rob McGregor and I am trying to be green… Yes, ‘trying’, as I have found out recently, it is incredibly hard to be green in daily life in the UK and I decided to create a blog about green living in the UK today in the face of all manner of doom-laden reporting in the global media and with the backdrop of  environmental damage such as the BP oil spill on one hand and the Toxic spill heading for the Danube disaster on the other. It seems that today we are more than ever living in a world that is increasingly unsustainable.

This blog will attempt (though may not always succeed) in trying to take a liberal approach to discussing green topics and reviewing green and ethical products and giving a straight down the line view about the ‘green-ness’ or ethical nature of those products.

I’ll most likely be looking at posting initally about my thoughts and feelings about the Green Agenda.

For my part and to add flavour to this, I am a Green Party voter but i don’t think I do enough in my daily life to be considered green. It’s not like I can’t but I find that all the green talk in the media and from experts is either insanely preaching that unless we forage for nuts and live in wattle and daub huts we’ll all die from cadmium poisining in the next week or so or it is clearly a sales pitch from big business wrapped in the false green credentials to just sell more of that item.

For the record, I help with website publication as one of the ways I try to make ends meet and I’m not anti-consumerism (though i find most of the practices used in selling quite abhorent). In fact one of the web sites I am helping run will be selling green and ethical products. I state this up front so that you know that I’m trying to make a living from this and for some poeple it might undermine my credibility. So I’m stating it day one so you know where my intentions lie.

I don’t want to be accused later of having a hidden agenda.

Ethical production of goods is also important to me so not only will I be looking at the green-ness of things, I will in addition be looking at the ethical nature of the production of such goods. I am aware that it is a minefield but as a guide, where there is an attempt to reduce the pressure on the environment in the production of whatever thing-a-ma-jig I am looking at, that will go in it’s favour. I cannot promise to do really well on this but I can try to give useful advice.

I’m not sure how this will all pan out or how successful it will be but I can only hope that I will be a help to some and a burden to those seeking to damage us all through greed and lack of thought or care for this world.

So that is the first post done. I will hopefully be using guest authors to write for the blog and may even do video blog style entries as time and funds allow.

Look out for the first update soon where I will try to detail the sorts of things I will be able to cover and review.

Stay green…

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